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Indy custom radio

Via BoingBoing, Indy Custom Radio from Ian Clarke (the designer of Freenet). A music client which downloads freely-available MP3’s, plays them, and allows you to rank them. It takes these ranks, and (much like Amazon and Netflix progressive suggestions systems) the more you rank, the better the match for what you like.

I’m trying it out, and we’ll see how it goes. It will be interesting how quickly it can learn my preferences, as well as what sorts of music will actually pop up. Right now it doesn’t require any login or anything, so I’m guessing that the “preferences” are stored locally to the computer. Would be nice to be able to carry those prefs from one computer to the other, either via a login or some other authentication setup. Would also be interesting to increase the “folksonomic” quotient by making the preferences more transparent, and being able to actually view others “tags” or rankings. Also be interesting to see which songs are getting 5 stars, etc….could very easily to a top 50 from the data, using #’s of people who are ranking each song, combined with the actual 1-5 ranking.

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