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Right about now….

….I’m giving a presentation called Blogs and Wikis: One of these words is English for MTSU and their 2005 IT Conference. Wish me luck! Oh, and check the blog out if you’re curious about the conference. At least, I hope the blog gets a workout…we’ll see. This is all new for MTSU.

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nice presentation style! i haven’t skimmed it yet—partially because as i was clicking through, the next/previous buttons kept changing their position depending on the size of the slide. maybe but them in a place where they don’t move? anyway, sounds like yer having an awful lot of fun up there.

After the workshop today, I came back to my office and poked around on again.
I had named the URL as lscanlon and the blog as luxfer – I think that’s where I messed up trying to find it.
Perpetually confused, Lucinda

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