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Importing old posts

For those of you that have been long-time readers (all 3 of you) of this blog, you’ve seen it go through three major restructurings, mainly having to do with my search for software that I liked. I started on Blogger, then moved to Radio Userland, and finally ended up at the nirvana that is WordPress 1.5. I had long ago imported my Blogger posts, but didn’t realize until today that there was a way (albeit clumsy) to import my Userland posts as well (or import any RSS entries, really).

And thus, a 6 month hole in the archives is filled!

Previously May 2003 – November 2003, my period of experimenting with Radio, had just been lost. But using the rss import abilities of WordPress I’ve got them in the right places. The import is very rough…there are no titles, and the presentation is quite poor (take a look and see what I mean). But at least the content is there, and I can work on making them pretty as I need. I’m just happy that they are there, and searchable.

With those old posts imported, WordPress tells me that this will be my 637th post. Crazy when you think about it that way.

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