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Sci-fi Channel is teh hawt

So evidently, somewhere in the vast media conspiracy against fair use and copyright, someone bought a clue.

The Sci-Fi channel (naturally) has offered the first episode of Battlestar Galactica as a streaming video (the whole episode, commercial free). They also have a blog where the Exec. Producer Ron Moore updates the public on things and answers plot questions. And, to finish off the hat-trick of coolness, they just started doing podcasts of commentaries by Ron on each episode. You set up the podcast, or just download the MP3’s from their site, hit play at the appropriate time, and the commentary will overlay the actual episode. It even beeps when a commercial is about to come on so you can pause the playback. Such very cool technology usage…not only that they are doing podcasts, but they are doing them in such a new and different way. Real-time commentary on a broadcast TV show via podcast is, to put it simply, cool. And by cool, I mean something that I would never have thought of.

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