Happy Anniversary to us!

It was Lundi Gras 4 years ago today that Betsy and I ran down to New Orleans and got married by an Orleans Parish judge. I’m not the sort for mushy confessions on my blog, but I will say that I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. We’ve been partners for 12 or so years, and husband and wife for 4, and it just gets better every moment. Just in case I don’t say it enough, I love you Bets. 😀

You may notice if you check the certificate above that technically our anniversary is Feb 26th…at least, that’s the day in 2001 we tied the knot. However, being the wacko’s that we are, we decided it would be more fun to celebrate on Lundi Gras. Since Lundi Gras is dependent on Mardi Gras, and Mardi Gras moves depending on Easter, and Easter moves depending on the phases of the moon…suffice it to say that it keeps us on our toes.

Oh…and ignore the terrible website design of the wedding pictures linked above. I’ll just blame not knowing any better at the time, and remind everyone it was pre-SILS.

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