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Mother Nature hates the South

Especially, evidently, North Carolina.

Billion Dollar Weather and Climate Disaster Map

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um, is it truly that nc gets hit with so many natural disasters or is it our inability to handle any of them. i mean, we closed the desk early on saturday because it was sleeting. and not even really that hard. i think we could alleviate about a billion of that with some salt for icy roads. i’m just saying…

Well, they’re talking billion dollars or more, not small storms. I think part of it is because NC is very large and varied in topography. The mountains may get a huge snowstorm which would cost $, while the Piedmont gets ice, which would raise the bill further, while the coast gets flooding and storm surges. And that’s just winter.

In summer, there are tornadoes in NC, as well as the many hurricanes that seem to head straight for the Outer Banks. Those winter and summer problems add up to a lot.

Size, varied elevation, and being the furthest point for tropically warm waters would account for much of the natural disasters that hit. All that’s missing is some kind of geologic activity. Go NC!

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