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EDIT: Because Justin asked: I’m in Salt Lake City for training on the SCT/Sungard product Luminis Content Management System which MTSU is adopting. I’m here to learn how to create, edit, and manage templates for the CMS. I’ll post more about that when it’s all sunk in and it’s not just a rant about proprietary systems and silly markup.

Just a few notes on my current abode: the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City, Utah. Behold the pictures:

The lovely King sized bed.

One of the more interesting inclusions in the giftpack: the Intimacy Kit. It includes 2 prophylactics, 1 package lubricating jelly, and 2 obstetrical towelettes. I’m interested in the fact that 2 condoms are included, but only one package of lubricating jelly.

My new best friend. The Monaco will loan you a goldfish for your room to help you feel less lonely. I can’t say that the goldfish is as cuddly as either Betsy or my kitties, but it’ll do in a pinch.

The interesting giftpack at the door. I don’t really need the stuffed goldfish, but it is an interesting selection of candy and such. Props for the Altoids, the Jelly Belly’s, and for including a bunch of locally made foods.

The cool-as-hell cheetah print terrycloth robe.

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Actually, you can stay in a Monaco or similar hotel ( in just about any real city. We like to stay in the Monaco in Chicago. Hey Jason – that’s not really a “gift pack” per say. It’s more of a “things you can buy that are overpriced yet cool” pack. It’s part of the “honor bar” I do believe, unless SLC has decided to make all that stuff free. (In which case, I’m pretty sure Kevin paid way too much for the stuffed Monaco goldfish on my desk.) Have fun!

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