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Here’s an interesting ‘net phenomenon that I hadn’t picked up on yet: Woot!

Evidently, it’s a sort of niche commercial site. The kick is that they sell one thing, every day, starting at Midnight, at really good prices. When they sell out, they’re done for the day, that’s it, no more stuff. One day, an MP3 player. The next day, a remote control car. But just the one thing, and just for 24 hours (or until they sell out). Sometimes they have 50 of something, sometimes 1000.

This is the sort of commercial enterprise that could ONLY exist on the ‘net. I think it’s a brilliant counter-point to the we-sell-everything superstores like Amazon.

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W00t is fun (plus I always liked the name). If you’re in the market for a PC, they occasionally have some at incredibly low prices. You just have to be around to click quickly. Sometimes their stuff goes incredibly fast!

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