Ryan Adams…

Ryan Adams

Last night we got the chance to see Ryan Adams perform in the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. The Ryman was amazing…such history in that place! Originally the Union Gospel Tabernacle, it opened its doors in 1892 , and the pews that were installed then are still in use today.

Ryan’s performance was amazing…he performed with a backup band, The Cardinals. My only problem was with the encore. I was hoping for something rockin’ to send us out, but we got a very low-key encore. However, in honor of the Ryman, he ended with a beautiful acoustic version of Johnny Cash’s “I Still Miss Someone.”

All in all, a great night seeing a performance of an artist we didn’t actually think we’d ever get to see, given his random touring history.

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Your very lucky. I was trying to get to Nashville from Alaska to see the show you saw, but unfortantely ended up arriving a few days late. I still stood on the Ryman stage but missed the show. Do you remember what songs he played?

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