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A post in which we buy a vehicle

So we went car shopping last weekend, planning on hitting a few dealerships and seeing what kind of deal we could find.

The first stop was the Honda dealership in Chattanooga, where we were shown lines and lines of Honda CRV’s (the car that I had been sold on from the start…great reviews, good resale, last forever). After I asked for the “best price” they’d give me, I was shown a price a couple thousand below the MSRP on the car. Pretty good, I thought…except I’d done my homework. Thanks to Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book, I knew the invoice on the car, and that they desperately wanted rid of the 2004’s.

I countered with a price a couple hundred above invoice, and they agreed….so we are the proud owners of a new Honda CRV.
Honda CRV
This is our first ever new car, so it’s a pretty cool thing for us.

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