Books consumed over the vacation

Not all great literature, but Oryx and Crake was interesting (it wasn’t great sci-fi, but passable). Davinci was a page turner, but was ruined by the Deus Ex Machina ending and some of the ridiculous “eureka” moments. A Fire Upon was brilliant sci-fi, but took me some time to get into…the pack aliens were bizarre before you knew what was going on. The Silent Blade is just typical D&D ficition…not great, but I read it anyway. Sue me. 😛 Me Talk Pretty was great…hilarious as always for Sedaris.

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Yeah, it’s an awesome book. It’s my first Sedaris, and I hope I’m not disappointed by the others. Speaking of Sedaris, he’s doing a speaking tour and will be at Vandy in October. Hopefully we’ll go see him speak.

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