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Sewanee Stream
Today we took some time and hiked a tiny bit of the perimeter trail next to Morgan’s Steep at Sewanee. This is pic from a random stream that we crossed…whatever this place lacks in consumer comforts it more than makes up for in sheer beauty.

The area around the Domain is just amazing…cliffs and streams and waterfalls and amazing flora and fauna. Yesterday we ate dinner with my sister and brother-in-law on our screen porch while we watched two deer graze along the edge of the woods of our backyard.

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<thought bubbles above jason’s head>
i miss civilization and my 802.11b
</thought bubbles above jason’s head>

Heh. Now you know how I felt about Ithaca. Physical beauty of a place can compensate fora hell of a lot of shortcomings on the “activity” side of things.

From vibrating butt plugs to grazing deer and scented candles. You’re under our spell. — The Stepford Community Council. (BTW, You need to get Trish down here. Ithaca is a megalopolis compared to dear Sewanee.)

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