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And the fun goes on…

I throw myself at the tech help knowledge of the readership of the blog. Here’s the situation:

Unpack laptop, plug laptop in, laptop works fine.
Listen to music on laptop all night, since it’s the only entertainment we have.
Thunderstorms all night.
Next day, laptop won’t stay booted: it boots, and lets you do somethings, then after 3-10 minutes of running, freezes, the screen goes wonky (typically a bunch of horizontal flickering lines) and it dies. Just powers down…no warning, nothin’.

My rough diagnosis: it acts like it’s overheating. I’m not sure why that would be the case suddenly (is there any chance of elevation effecting it??). I removed the fans and heatsink, and there’s practically no heatsink paste left. My brother in law is bringing a tube for me to use over the weekend, so I’ll clean and reapply that. The really strange thing is that when it works, it’s perfect…nothing seems wrong. Then BOOM, dead.

Ideas? It’s a Sager laptop, Pentium 4 1.5GhZ. ANY ideas/help would be appreciated.

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Elevation: Alright, if your laptop is like mine, it’s an air-cooled system, which means that as you get higher up in the atmospthere, the air gets thinner, which means less movement of air by the fan, and this, less cooling.

Here’s some advice: put the laptop over a vent and turn on the AC. Turn it on and see how long it lasts.

My best bet is that Tennessee’s atmosphere isn’t used to any type of current technology and some type of interstate defense system is in place to shutdown anything more advanced than a toaster. However, at night, their system is in “sleep” mode.

That’s my best guess.

Is your battery charged? The only time I’ve ever experienced that kind of shutdown is when the battery was just totally dead. Perhaps your battery pack was damaged by a surge and now fails to adequately charge your battery? I dunno, good luck!

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