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So I return from Origins, a refreshed but slightly disheveled man, and am hit in the face with the fact that we’ve TWO WEEKS ’til the move. To be fair, I think we’ve done a pretty amazing job getting the packing done (there’s ALWAYS stuff to do, but we’re getting there). The goal right now is to try and get everything packed this week, so that we can just enjoy next week hanging out with friends.

In other news, still no job offers (I’ve applied to a half dozen or more in the area).

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Yeah, I feel your pain. I’ve moved twice in a month, recently, and still have no permanent job when this one is over. The one I thought I might get in Southern Jersey, yeah, I just heard that they’re hesitant to hire me because I’m too intelligent and may not relate to the students. I don’t get jobs at Cornell because I’m not qualified enough – I don’t get jobs elsewhere because I’m overqualified. Just give me the middle ground, peopel!

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