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Apple does it yet again…

…that is, inspire hot and heavy techno-lust deep within my heart.

Witness, the AirPort Express and AirTunes, a wireless 802.11g repeater with a USB print server built in that just so happens to also have both an analog and optical stereo out. Why, you ask? So that it’s iTunes ready…it will see your iTunes library, and you can push music through it. So anywhere in your house that you have speakers, you can have your complete music library. Wirelessly. Apple is really kicking some serious ass in the multimedia department these days…as far as I can tell, they pwn digital music. iTunes (the best jukebox/organizer/metadata mine for music bar none), iPod (the best small form factor portable music machine in the world), and now the ability to plug a box in the wall and make your music stream to it. The only thing better would be iPods with built in 802.11g for network syncing/streaming.

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