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Got a mention at SILS news

Got a cool little writeup of the Master’s Paper attention at UNC School of Information and Library Science News Page.

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Dude, I wish I was your publicist. Congrats.

BTW, you may want to let them know that “Confessions” is not a “highly trafficked website.” I’m not sure I could sleep at night with the semi-crappy, out-of-the-box template I have up if I thought it were …

Yay, Jason!

Although you may want to let someone over there know that “Confessions” is not a highly trafficked blog. I’d be up nights worry about the out-of-the-box template if I thought it was …

Crazy … my previous attempts to comment didn’t work.

Yay for the blurb about your paper, but I hope that “Confessions” isn’t a highly trafficked site yet.

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