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180 190 192 Dead, 1200 1247 Injured in Madrid

Madrid, we love you. MADRID, Spain (CNN) — A massive, coordinated terror strike on Madrid’s commuter train system killed at least 173 people and wounded over 600 at the height of the city’s rush hour, Spain’s interior minister says. Full story here from CNN.

The government is blaming ETA, but they haven’t officially taken credit yet. Here’s a link to El Pais ran through Google translator.

edit: here’s a link to the special edition of El Pais in PDF for today, covering the tragedy.

edit:El Pais is now reporting that blaming ETA may be premature, since they discovered tapes in Arabic along with detonators in the area of one of the explosions.

edit:ETA is officially denying involvement in the bombing.

edit:And now, a branch of Al Qaeda is claiming responsibility. Thanks a lot, War on Terrorism.

For everyone we know with friends or family in Madrid, I hope that they are ok.

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