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I have no idea how I missed this…

For those of you I infected with my love of the Counting Crows, here’s a statement, and a song from Adam Duritz, from their performance at the Warfield Theater in San Fransisco, 12/12/03. Crows fans have been waiting a long, long time for this one…

“All right, I have never ever played this song before in concert. I have grave grave misgivings about doing it now. But you people have been bitching about it forever so… It’s entirely possible its not even that good of a song, it does however have a really great sort of goes like this.”

Link to lyrics.

2 replies on “I have no idea how I missed this…”

Yeah, it’s weird for them to break this one out, though…they’ve NEVER played it. Ever. For anyone. It was recorded for the first album, and never released, and then Adam just decided they wouldn’t play it.

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