Sitting in Sewanee…

So, I am currently sitting in the Jessie Ball duPont Library in Sewanee, TN. Outside is an impenetrable wall of fog left over from the thunderstorms last night, but the interior of the library is silent as a tomb. Handfuls of students, maybe 2 or 3, wander about the stacks, but are absolutely silent.

What a difference from the vibrancy of the UL, or even the frenetic energy of Davis. Small campus, small library…I suppose that’s what you get. The funny thing is, I think I could get used to it. The library feels…manageable. Like maybe you could make a difference. That’s kind of a nice thing to consider when thinking about moving somewhere, isn’t it?

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Ooooooh!! You got to see The Fog! I’m so glad. Now you’ve had the full Sewanee experience. (When you can sit in the reference room in the library, look out those lovely two-story-tall faux-Gothic windows and see nothing of the buildings across the street, or even the street, then you know you’re in Sewanee.

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