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….it’s my first piece of blogspam. Isn’t it cute? I think I’ll name it George.

It looks like George is from Israel, and George is a ADSL user in Petach-Tikva. Or at least, that’s what this search shows…. if you were curious, “Petach Tikva is located in the center of Israel, seven miles east of the Mediterranean Sea. Petach Tikva is the country’s fifth largest city and its most highly industrialized area. ” It is also a sister-city to Chicago, all you Windy City types out there….say hi!

Perhaps George works at Intel. In any case, I think he’s cute…maybe I’ll keep him. None of the links seem active, and there’s no whois info on the URL’s in them…so I’m not quite sure what the point is. Anyone? Just someone with a fetish for odd prose and trademarked names of drugs?

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Oh boy can you… The Movable Type people have been arguing about it for a few months now. Since the comment system is a CGI app, it isn’t too hard to automate the process of posting “comments” like George. Usually the spammer posts a comment like “I agree” or “you said it” and there name will be some drug linked to the site they sell it from.

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