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Help a brutha out…

…I consider myself very familiar with the concerns put forth by Larry Lessig et al, as well as the Creative Commons and other sites attempting to create an Open Source/Open Culture vibe in the US. But what I can’t find is a site that discusses the general issues…what is it, specifically, that is the problem? How do Open Source software licenses and things like the GPL overlap with Lessig/Eldred and their issues with copyright? It isn’t actually very straighforward at all…which is one reason I’m trying to formulate this for my Master’s Paper. There’s a net of sites that all talk about the issues without really describing them in any concise way (the EFF, Eldred, and the ones previously mentioned).

So…does anyone out there in blog land know of a good “summary of issues” site for this stuff? Or is that what I should be doing? Because I really think it’s needed…..

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