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I have so many problems wit

I have so many problems with this, I can't even begin to list them all.

The University of Florida has began using a program called Icarus to discover students on campus using their computers as servers, and requiring them to stop. This is supposedly to prevent P2P abuse and limit copyright violations. The problem is, of course, that it also prevents ANY FREAKING USE OF THE COMPUTER AS A SERVER. You can play games on a LAN, you can't do an enormous number of useful and educational things with your computer. The burden of proof is up to the student to show that his use of the system is non-violating…this just strikes me as a priori censorship…no one is going to TRY if they know they're going to be dragged before the school and forced to defend themselves. So no more P2P downloading songs you already own (NOT a copyright violation), or using P2P to grab large files (linux distributions, etc…). Stupid, stupid, stupid….

Full story at Wired News.

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