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Well, we spent today visiti

Well, we spent today visiting family here in Olive Hill, and taking LOTS of pictures. I decided that since this was our first trip here with the digital camera, we'd just take pics of everything, since I don't really have many pictures of my home town (it's a funny thing that everyone takes pictures of vacations, but no one takes pictures of where they live). I'm sure that I'll put everything together into a photo gallery at some point, but there were several things that I learned from visiting with my grandfather that really touched me:

One: my grandfather visited Yellowstone National Park when he was 17 years old (1937) as part of the Civilian Conservation Core. While he was there, he woke one morning to find a black bear in his tent. The bear left without incident.

Two: he still has, hanging in his hallway, the calendar that was hanging on the wall the day my grandmother died. It still has her doctor's appointment written on it, in her handwriting. That was 1989.

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