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Just about to get off work.

Just about to get off work…just have time to blog for a moment about a book that's really making me think: Bobo's in Paradise by David Brooks, an incredibly sharp witted look at the newest ruling class in the US, the bourgeois bohemians (Bobo for short). The book takes a historical look at the class structure of the US, from roughly the turn of the century on, and comments on the differences in intellectual and power classes through time. From the “refined and connected” class of the 30's and 40's through the bohemian uprising into the 60's, and the historical ties both had to European cultures…it's really eye opening to read an expose on a culture that you are a part of, but didn't even realize existed. Fascinating, and it's causing me to rethink a lot of things in both my studies and my life. Can't ask for more than that from a book, I suppose.

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