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Still working on new blo

Still working on new blog….Radio seems to do 99% of the stuff I want, but customizing the look is driving me nuts. They use a bunch of ASP macros to do the blogging functions, but the “look” of the page is escaping me. A bit more work before I give up and use one of their built in themes….new link will go up here when I finish.

AND>….in other news, spent all weekend with friends Chrysty, Travis, and my mom and dad watching Betsy graduate with her PhD. After many nightmares not worth explaining in a public forum, everything went off like clockwork, and she was “hooded” on Saturday and picked up her diploma today. Just incredibly cool…I am so proud of the work she did to get here. It’s a weird thing having 1/6th of your life encapsulated in a sheet of paper, but that seems to be the way it works. 🙂

Congrats, Bets….you deserve _everything_ you’ve gotten….

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