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So for no apparent reason, I’m

So for no apparent reason, I’m just going to write a bit.

I got into this library thing because it seemed to meet and bring together an amazing number of interests of mine, and indeed, I have discovered that it does. The fact is, though, that my interests seem to run to the esoteric. The most “librarian” thing that I am interested in is reference, but my real passion lies in the areas of contention and theory, like freedom of speech, the PATRIOT act, information freedom like Open Source and Free software, p2p systems and their use in the breaking down of the copyright system (copyright, until the digital age, wasn’t difficult….now, it’s nearly untenable). The real question is: how do these things make a job? The more I look at it, the more I see working at a library as a means to getting a law degree….*sigh*. But do I really wanna do that?

What say you, anonymous visitors?

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