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Ok…some time since blogging

Ok…some time since blogging due to spring break and being without internet access.

The most interesting thought that I’ve had recently has to do with the title of my blog and the way I seem to handle information processing. In several classes we have discussed info processing of sorts, and I’m starting to try to pay attention to how it is I operate. I probably take in more info in a day than I should…I’m constantly connected, visit 6-10 news sites repeatedly thoughtout the day to stay on top of stuff, get tons of email, and IM with friends. In reflecting on that, several people have asked how I tell good information from bad on the internet (a common question from non-netheads). The best explanation that I have been able to come up with is that I do some kind of pattern recognition for what my brain tells me is “good” or “safe” on the net…things like level of language use, proper grammer, is it recently updated, keywords used, and other things I’m certainly not aware of. Somehow, though, I ferret through stuff. The same goes with searching…I google for something and can pick the most likely result on the first page to give me what I want in milliseconds, without consciously reading and processing the information in the text.

This phenomena interests me. I will be writing more as I think of situations and anecdotes.

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