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Today Jack Valenti gave a publ

Today Jack Valenti gave a public presentation titled “Comments on the Moral Imperative” at Duke University Law School. It was the typical Valenti patter that has been reported before (overused cliches and dogmatic approaches to intellectual property), but two things came up that I hadn’t seen reported before. One was that, at least for this lecture, he framed the problem facing the MPAA with digital duplication as a moral problem and not a legal one. Clearly it’s illegal…he seemed very confused why people seem to think that it’s not immoral as well. The second issue, closely related, is that he made no distinction at all between content and media, simply unwilling to admit that there is a difference between the two and conflating them to his advantage. So: the main question is “Has the MPAA ever made a distinction between content and media in the past to their advantage, and is that useful in the current environment?” The secondary question is “Is this really a moral failing of some sort in the youth of today?” Webcast of the speech will be available in a few days or so at:

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