Seriously, AT&T?

In preparation for ordering iPhone 4, I went about adjusting our AT&T plans this evening…the new tiered pricing actually works out for us, as Betsy rarely uses over 200Megs of data a month. As I was switching her over, I read this amazingly silly EULA from AT&T:

DataPlus 200 MB for iPhone

Terms and Conditions

DataPlus 200MB for iPhone may only be used for the following purposes: (i) internet browsing, (ii) personal email, and (iii) consumer applications. Using iPhone to access corporate email, company intranet sites, and/or other business solutions/applications is prohibited.

Bwahahahaha. Corporate email is prohibited? WTF? Talk about your unenforceable EULA’s….you can’t visit an intranet, for frak’s sake? Seriously, AT&T? Seriously?

And you wonder why people hate you.

8 thoughts on “Seriously, AT&T?

  1. Does this reflect their split between the “corporate data plan” and the “mortal human beings” data plan? Or do they even still have those?

  2. Hey, that just gives me an even stronger reason not to check work email while traveling. “sorry, I can't do that- it's against AT&T's rules” đŸ™‚

  3. Were you enable to use the iphone email client or Safari to access work email, after downgrading your data plan ?

    I talked to 4 people at AT&T, and nobody could explain how a new data plan technically restricts access to an email server (whether personal or corporate).

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