Joe Janes Keynote, IL2007

Joe Janes
Reference 2.0

Very nice…at Internet Librarian, but not using slides.

He’s pimping:

New session at ALA: take everyone who longs for the “good ole days” and wants the National Union Catalog, lock the doors, and send them away. Think of the jobs then available!

Ready reference might be over.

“An academic is the sort of person who would face the Apocalypse with a historical overview”

1876: people can’t find the information they need. 2007: people can’t find the information they need.

First libraries to offer reference: special libraries, then public, lastly reference. No reference desk in academic libraries before 1910.

Reference is designed for a world with lots of information that is unfindable. That isn’t today…today we have lots of information that is FINDABLE.

Going to be an ever more digital world, and it is worth assuming that everything will be digital.

Lots of ways to get at information, at every level you can imagine.

We are trained to find wholes…we are going to increasingly find parts.

“If you aren’t editing Wikipedia articles, keep your mouth shut.”

Provide services to the kind of people who want your service.

“Get out of the freaking library.”

Be somewhere and everywhere.

Libraries have to provide space: meeting space, study rooms, etc.

Somewhere and everywhere, in and out, wholes and parts, more and better.

A Modest Proposal: For the people who dive deep, for the people who care: That’s when we do “real” reference.

For now, print is our secret weapon.

Weed those reference collections, put them in the ciculating collection.

For quick reference, concentrate on moving them forward.

For the people who are not information users, leave them alone.