me That scruffy gentleman to the left is me, Jason Griffey, the Head of Library Information Technology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I’m busy with lots of things these days:

librarybloggingLibrary Blogging, by Jason Griffey and Karen A Coombs, is a book from Linworth Press. It was released in the Summer of 2008, and is available for order now at Amazon and other fine retailers.

My second book, Mobile Technologies & Libraries, is now available from Neal Schuman publishers, and is available at finer booksellers everywhere.Mobile Tech and Libraries

My most recent print publication is an issue of Library Technology Reviews entitled Gadgets & Gizmos: Personal Electronics and the Library It’s available in a huge variety of formats, including for the Amazon Kindle, as an incredible ebook bundle from ALA Publishing, or in print.Gadgets LTR

I write online in a few places, primarily Pattern Recognition, my personal and professional blog, which has been active since 2003. I’m an administrator and author for LITABlog, and a columnist for the ALA TechSource blog. I helped create (and for 2 years wrote and curated) Perpetual Beta for American Libraries, a gadget, technology, and tips and tricks blog for libraries and higher education. It tends toward the use of multimedia, incorporating audio and video to a larger degree than my other work.

I’m very involved with the ALA, specifically LITA, and am the past chair of the LITA Interest Group BIGWIG, and one of the organizers of the BIGWIG Social Software Showcase. I’m also the 2008-2010 Chair for the LITA Program Planning Committee. I had the honor of being elected a Director at Large for the LITA Board, 2010-2012.

At my place of work, we are working hard on a new building project…a brand new $48 million academic library for the UTC campus. We’re in the planning stages, and should break ground in just about a year. I put together a wiki for the project, and the entire process is being done as transparently as possible.

I was honored to be named one of Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers for 2009. At Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian, I have been one of the faculty for the Academic Library 2.0 preconference.

I spend my free time with my wife Dr. Betsy Sandlin, and our daughter Eliza. I enjoy reading genre fiction (horror, sci-fi, fantasy) and science and food-related non-fiction, playing games, and preparing for the inevitable zombie uprising.

You can find me online nearly everywhere, but especially Flickr, del.icio.us, Twitter, blip.tv, ClaimID, LibraryThing, Last.fm, Pandora, LinkedIn, Slideshare, and probably other places I’m not thinking of. If you want to just get everything all at once, here’s an RSS of my lifestream.

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