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  • Donna Sprandle

    Why can’t I borrow books on my new Kindle?

  • Paula Harrison

    Ha!..with all the absolutely boring stuff I need t read..the little clip on your background was wonderful…so all I have to say about this is:


  • Steve Brantley

    Hi Jason, navigated here after seeing your librarybox post on ala connect Library boing boing… I especially appreciate the icon grid to your various Web presence(s). It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years but the idea has never left my head. Did you make your icons? 

    • griffey

      I did, indeed. 

      • Rebecca Rivers

        There’s just no way to be around all those books, with ideas in them, from strange writers, and not become delusional, myself included.

  • Robin Warren

    Hi Jason. I attended your gadgets seminar in Boonville, MS., on Tue. May 13th. Absolutely loved it. I’m rather geeky, so it was right up my aisle. I have an I-Pad 3rd Gen. And I can’t find the Calibre App in the App Store, except for Macs. I do have a ton of e-books on my kindle app and do also have a windows software laptop (Dell). Am I wanting the Calibre in widows format and do everything via the laptop? Please help. Thanks. Robin Warren-Busigo, First Regional Library staff.

    • griffey

      Robin: Calibre is a Mac/Windows/Linux program, not an iPad app.

  • Frank Banaseka

    Hi Jason. I am in Tema – Ghana, West Africa and I need a copy of your book “Mobile Technology and Libraries”