Midsummer update

It’s been, unfortunately, another big gap in my blogging here. But I’ve been busy!

  • I finished my new book manuscript, and sent it merrily off to Neal Schuman for review.
  • I worked overtime trying to ensure that our new Academic Library got included in the state of TN budget.
  • I’m trying to, if not revolutionize, and least evolutionize the program planning process for LITA.
  • And I’m preparing for what looks like 3 different presentations at ALA Annual 2009:
    • Unconference on Friday at 9:15am at the Palmer House Hilton, Northwest 5 Room
    • OITP Libraries and Mobile Devices Public Policy panel on Sunday at 1:30 in McCormick place West, room W-192a
    • BIGWIG Social Software Showcase on Monday morning at 10:30 in McCormick place West room w-184

If you are attending ALA Annual 2009, please come join me at one of the talks above. I promise not to be too boring. đŸ™‚

That, and a real job, will keep anyone busy, I think. But every time I fail to blog for a week or so, I feel guilty about it. I keep expecting to log in to PatRec, and have it be passive-agressive that I did so: “Oh, so glad that you could visit…no, no, it’s no problem that you’ve been gone so long. Here, let me just warm up the “add new” link for you. It’s not a problem, really.”

ALA BIGWIG Technology

BIGWIG Social Software Showcase 2009

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to start the planning for the BIGWIG Social Software Showcase 2009, but indeed it is! We’re going to be swapping up the format just a little bit this year, but the thing that isn’t changing is that we want the library community to tell us what they want to hear about. For those who may not have attended the SSS over the last couple of years, here’s how it works:

Step 1: We put out an open call for topics to the library world. You tell us the topics you want to hear more about.

Step 2: We find experts on those topics who are willing to participate in the Showcase.

Step 3: Those experts prepare a web-based presentation on their topic, and put it up sometime before ALA Annual 2009.

Step 4: At Annual 2009, those same experts will attend the Showcase and will discuss their topic, answer questions, tapdance, and otherwise entertain and educate. The format is slightly different every year, but the Showcase at Annual 2009 will be fun, educational, frantic, interesting, and guaranteed different than any program you’ve ever attended at an ALA Conference.

Step 5: After ALA, the conversation will continue online, on YourBIGWIG and other places.

Come join us for one of the most interesting presentations you’ll ever see, and more importantly, help us put it together! The “social” in “Social Software Showcase” isn’t just about the tools, but about the process as well. Be a part!

ALA Books Media Personal Technology

Kindle 2 on Techsource

Just a note for those that might have missed it…I’m one part of a three part post over at TechSource on the Kindle 2 and libraries. I’m pointing it out mainly because of the fact that I did the very first, I think, video for TechSource, showing off the Kindle 2’s Text-to-Speech feature. Go take a look, and let me know how you think it came out.

ALA Library Issues Personal

LITA Election Endorsements

I would like to offer my personal endorsement of the following candidates for LITA offices for this election cycle:

Aaron Dobbs and Maurice York for Councilors at Large. Both Aaron and Maurice have worked behind the scenes for years to improve the way that LITA does things, and I think having them on the Board will help move LITA forward. I know both of them well, and have worked with both at a national level with LITA, and would be thrilled to see them as members of the Board.

I would also like to endorse Karen Starr for Vice-President. Her personal statement says “The innovators and leaders of tomorrow are the LITA members of today. It is refreshing to work with a dynamic group on the national level who care, who want to define that future and who come together to work on what the big picture should look like.” I believe that the time has come to define our future.

Please remember to vote, and I hope that you take my recommendation to the polls!

This endorsement represents my personal opinion and is in no way reflective of any committee, interest group, or other unit of LITA or ALA.