Living in the Cyberpunk Present

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen:

*The rise of synthetic recreational drugs (
*The rebellion by the public against the multinational banks that have an overabundance of the wealth of the world (
*A pocket computer that can have a conversation with you (
*The slow decline of the United States as a world power
*The rise of China and India as economic centers of the world
*The second largest company in the world is one that makes computer hardware (
*A human had his eye replaced with a camera (
*Military and police are using focused-energy weapons regularly (
*We have cars that drive themselves (
*Some people have hardware in their bodies that are vulnerable to being hacked (

We are living the cyberpunk future that William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, and others told us about. Some days it feels like we’re minutes away from being in Blade Runner.


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3 replies on “Living in the Cyberpunk Present”

I found your post amusing/frightening, because for over a year now I've been telling people that America (and the world in general) is a dystopian society. Someone actually tried to argue with me, but I disproved his points. I'm just hoping it's a happy ending kind of dystopia.

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