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Stranger garnering some attention

My recent article in NetConnect, Stranger Than We Know, is garnering a little attention online, although I haven’t heard any feedback directly. I’d love to know if the digiterati think I’m just wildly off base with some of my crazed ramblings.

Mentions thus far in:

3 replies on “Stranger garnering some attention”

I found your ramblings to be not at all crazed, but very reasonable. Now, how about metaverses like Second Life? So far all of the “library” activity in SL is found in clumsy replicas of library buildings and is related to the technics of SL itself. But as more people spend more time there via mobile devices (which you can now do in SL), a need for more “real life” answers might arise. Maybe our avatars can be walking around there too via our mobiles with chat or IM answers. The avatar, not the building, would be the locus of information.

Jason–your article is compelling. I enjoyed it a great deal. In fact, having been around for a little while, I was reminded of some of the better “future-casting” that was going down in library-land right around when the Web became a serious proposition. There was the good, the bad, and the irrelevant–with the latter two categories in ascendance. But a few people were getting it right. I think you do as well on this topic of uber-mobility.

The Web is currently the preferred medium for personal and corporate communications. It works well and has an abundance of information. Your article on the new mobility strikes a daring note by suggesting that we are, yet again, on the cusp of another technological leap. I think you’re right.

The “mobile library” is already upon us; thanks for the well-considered remarks about where we might be going.

–Terry Huwe
IRLE UC Berkeley
Columnist, Computers in Libraries

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