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Griffey Men, circa late 1930

Griffey Men - 1930's

The Brothers Griffey in the late 1930s. Picture taken on Griffey Branch, Olive Hill, KY.

Left to right: Milton Griffey Sr., Van Gordon ‘Jack’ Griffey (d. 10/18/1970), James Morgan Griffey, Clay Griffey

Clay Griffey was my Father’s Father’s Father, or my Great-Grandfather…Eliza’s Great, Great Grandfather. Clay had a son that he named Van Gordon after his brother (who no one in my family knew as other than “Jack”…even his gravestone simply says Jack). That Van Gordon was my father’s father.

I had no idea this photo even existed until my aunt was googling for some genealogy information and found it online…amazing the things you can find online these days. 🙂

Photo and information originally found here.

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