Sewanee in the news

Two stories that mention Sewanee, both in the New York press, and both in the same week?


In any case, they are both great reads. The first is a scathing look at academic plagiarism from the New York Press, and the second is a New York Times story (first born child required, or you could bugmenot) revolving around the culture and traditions among southern universities. The New York Times article reminded me a great deal of this blog entry, and the accompanying discussion of the Sewanee Mace, that I thought I had mentioned previously. I also stumbled across this collection of stories/photos of the Mace, which is a subsection of the Sewanee Online History Museum. Yes, you heard me right…the Sewanee Online History Museum. (Aside: Boy, could they use some web design. Having a menu at the bottom of the page? WTF?) Here’s a great picture of the Mace from the NYT site:

Sewanee Mace

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