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Forget the Segway…

..give me one of these things! We are inching closer and closer to real-life Anime these days. We’ve got working replicas of Kaneda’s bike from Akira…what Anime/Sci-Fi t3ch would all my readers like to see? I’ll put in one vote for hoverboards and lightsabers, but only for their Darwinist capabilities. 🙂

Toyota iFoot The Toyota iFoot
This 2-legged, mountable robot was developed for three-dimensional mobility, with the ability to navigate staircases. The passenger climbs on and drives with a joystick. Toyota will present this proposal for a new type of mobility at EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN.
Nanny (without Orphan-Maker) Of course, once this is a reality, we’re only a step away from Nanny and Orphan Maker. Watch out, kids!

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