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Today is the day

I expect that there will be much, much excitement around the country today. We’ve already had a reporter beaten up by police, voters not given the choice of a paper ballot, and a documented hard-crash of an electronic voting machine, Among other issues.

I don’t really expect any voting issues at Sewanee Elementary School when I go to vote later today, but I know that in certain parts of the country there have been issues that should lead people to think that an overhaul may be necessary to our antiquated and overburdened system of voting. What’s the answer? I have no idea…the issues of ease of voting and security often are at odds. With voting in the US, you have the standard security issues of Authentication and Verification. How to reconcile those with ease of use is a difficult problem. I say we hire Bruce Schneier and set him to the problem.

In any case, we’ve invited over a few friends, and I expect we’ll be up late watching returns and hoping beyond hope that Kerry will pull out an upset in OH or PA. If not, and Bush wins, does anyone know a comfy country for an expat Spanish professor and her reference librarian husband?

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