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What a week!

It’s been way too long between posts. I started my new job as Web Specialist for Middle Tennessee State University this week. I’ll be assisting with oversight on the homepage, as well as consulting with faculty on their web projects. So far, I’ve just barely gotten a handle on the layout of their stuff…everywhere has a different workflow, and a different way of doing things. Not to mention different capabilities. Gotta learn that not everywhere is up on the whole PHP/MySQL method of web development. 🙁

Overall, I think it’s gonna go well. I’m guaranteed to learn a lot, and that’s still something.

3 replies on “What a week!”

lol. You sound like me in my first week of the job. “What you mean I can’t just go and do that? Committees, development, not the way I used to do it, what?” It gets better. And if a grump like me can say that, you know it’s got to be true.

Perhaps if you mention that you have been the Lead Playtester for WWE Raw Deal, the greatest CCG in the world, for the last few sets, that would “give you the rub” to “do as you please” and “have them get out of your grill” as you youngsters say.

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