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Our new house!

house in sewanee
Our new house in Sewanee! Got a chance to see it this weekend…great interior, 3 bedrooms, great windows in the living room, and hardwood floors all the way through. Looking more forward to the move now that we’ve seen the house!

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Awesome, Jason! If you ever get a chance, take a gander at one of the two-bedroom duplexes
in the Woodlands, and you’ll get a sense for just how much you guys totally outrank me and Chris
when we arrived. Looks like a great place!

Looks lovely. You might need a dog after all with that nice little yard and everything. (grin at Bets). How close are your neighbors?

A guest room will be available for anyone (even you, Barron). Yes, a real guest room! No more futon sleeping!!!

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