Post Graduation

I find all I want to do is sleep. 🙂 I should be doing about a billion things (not the least of which is finishing the article from the Master’s Paper), but somehow all enthusiasm is gone for the moment.

I guess I should just revel in the week, and sleep. Betsy keeps telling me I deserve it, so it must be true. Right?

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Listen to what your body and mind are saying and take a recharge break. Don’t force any activity on yourself that you don’t feel like you want to do, including fun stuff. Forcing fun can be as stressful as forcing work. Let yourself re-adjust to moving at normal, non-graduate speeds. You’ve been running so long that you’ll have to learn how to walk again. Let your mind filter through all of the experiences of the past two years at its own pace.

Yes — sound advice, and, while you’re at it, smoke some hash, strip off your clothes, and run through the park yelling, “I am the moon! I am the sun! I am … everything!”

Or, get back to work, you hippy.

Barron, the mere thought of Jason running naked through the park both scares and amuses me. You have broken my brain for the rest of the day. Good job.

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