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Operation Fastlink

The Department of Justice today announced Operation Fastlink, “the most far-reaching and aggressive enforcement action ever undertaken against organizations involved in illegal intellectual property piracy over the Internet.” According to the press release:

As a result of Fastlink, over 120 total searches have been executed in the past 24 hours in 27 states and in 10 foreign countries. Foreign searches were conducted in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden as well as Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Operation Fastlink is the largest multi-national law enforcement effort ever directed at online piracy.

Who here is happy that there’s an international crackdown on copyright violations? Anyone? Bueler? I mean, seriously…yes, what they are doing is illegal. I’m not saying justifying widespread copyright violations (although I clearly believe that copyright has been twisted in favor of the media companies and away from the public). It’s just that I would hope that there are about a million things ahead of this sort of concentrated effort…terrorism, maybe? The drug trade?

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Scary. I haven’t seen a whole lot about the people they’re going after. I assume (hope) they are targetting big for profit Hong Kong type stuff, rather than small p2p traders?

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