And for my next trick…

Well, New York has certainly been interesting. I’m in the Hotel New Yorker, in Chelsea. Within pretty easy walking distance of a LOT of downtown, including Times Square, and right across from Madison Square Garden. Very cool to see a lot of the stuff that I’ve only thus far seen on TV. The flight in was honestly the best, landing in La Guardia, and seeing the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building and such. Very, very cool.

However, Times Square gives me Blader Runner flashbacks. I keep expecting a blimp overhead spouting “…can be yours in the outer colonies…”

One reply on “And for my next trick…”

Time Square completely freaked me out. Total sensory overload. Too many lights. Too many
flashing screens. Too many people. Fight or flight response activated.

Kitties were fine. Hope you’re having fun.

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