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Comprehensive Exams

I hope that everyone at UNC has fun tomorrow with Comps. I’ll be in Davis, sipping a Diet Coke and hiding in a corner somewhere trying to get the damn thing done. Good luck, everybody. I wonder if there are any rules about posting the content after I’m finished? Just for the heck of it…

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Actually, yes, there is a very big problem with you posting the content.
One of the things we were told is not to discuss it for 3 weeks, sinceother are taking it at different times. Btw, your comments are a little messed up.

Oh yeah…brain slip about that part. Although that seems completely dumb…what difference does it make if we talk about it?

Oh, and…what’s wrong with my comments? they look fine to me in Mozilla, IE, and Opera….

The Honor Code, silly. Students aren’t allowed to talk about quizzes or exams after they take them, particularly in courses that have multiple sections. The thought is that they could give away some answers or tell the others how to study, which would put them at an unfair advantage. I’ve actually seen students taken to the Honor Court b/c they were overheard outside of Dey Hall talking about the quiz they just took. Yikes.

i think it can’t be posted in case someone fails the exam, as they then need to have an oral exam. if your answer was posted, they could read your response. actually, this whole discussion made me nervous enough to take off tiny little anecdotal information that i posted and then was afraid might be too leading. damn honor code.

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