Partially through hell week…

Maybe it’s hell month. I’m not really sure anymore…all I know is that at one point last night, if you looked at my taskbar, you’d have seen:

A word document: Master’s Paper Question for Dr. Losee, due tomorrow
A dreamweaver window: a web portal for INLS180, due Monday
Opera, with 3 or 4 tabs open in various databases and/or journals
Acrobat, with two articles open for a presentation in INLS180 due Wed
and, of course, iTunes, playing my Study Mix (find me on the UNC system sometime to see what that is)

This doesn’t count the 10-15 page paper I’ve got to work on for Censorship, OR the final paper for INLS201.

Don’t expect to see me until January. Until then, I’ll be the one with the laptop and the headphones at Strong’s. 😛

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You library person, you. Strong’s is the rallying cry for stressed librarians, ’cause caffeine makes it all better. Or at least lets you stay up to finish the work. You’ll get it all done. No worries.

Have stolen your husband. Will return him when he leanrs his lesson and starts calling me ‘master’.
Your Stalker^H^H^H^H^H^H^HNeighbor

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