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This is from Neil Gaiman's blog, after seeing an exerpt on

I'd LOVE to have a Lucien figure…I'd keep him on my desk, to help me be a good librarian. 🙂
Speaking as a librarian who is surrounded by librarians at work who are offended by this new librarian action figure, I can only say that perhaps it's time librarians across the board discovered the value of a good custom repaint on an action figure….
Hoping to make mine look rather delirious and get a Shakespeare one to go with so the two of them can have interesting conversations,

I wonder if they ever had this trouble when they did the Diskworld Librarian statues. (“We are not all orang-utans.”) It certainly makes me wish that DC would do a Lucien the Librarian Action figure for librarians everywhere.

Of course, if the whole point of the offended librarians is that librarians can, and, wisely, do, look like anyone, then any action figure would do. (“Isn't that a Gandalf toy?” “Nope it's a librarian. One with a hat and a beard.” “And he's next to a… Bettie Page toy?” “Nope. Just a cute, half-naked librarian with a big smile and a Bettie Page haircut.”)

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