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In some bizarre crossing of

In some bizarre crossing of worlds, I just discovered this post from Eric Muller, one of the UNC bloggers and a law professor here. It's about going caving with his daughter in Corbin, KY. Besides the fact that both Betsy and I are from KY, Corbin is about 20 minutes, if that, from Betsy's parent's house. PLUS, I've caved in that area before…it's just down from Rockcastle County, where the Great Saltpetre Cave is located, and about 1 hour or so from Mammoth Cave (the largest cave in the world). Being a caver myself, I find this fascinating….wacky crossing of worlds.

FYI, for those that didn't know, I worked for 5 years at Carter Caves State Resort Park in KY, possibly the most beautiful place in the world. Not that all those pictures show it.

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