Digital Culture

Some quick
snapshots from the convention this weekend, to give you guys who aren't gamers
some sense of what it's like. Click on a picture for an enlargement.

The Card Hall, where all card games occur
during the convention. Yes, this is completely full at times. This pic
is about 1/3 of the total hall.

view of the Card Hall. To give you some sense of scale of the convention,
there are at least 2 other rooms this size being used 24 hours a day (one
each for miniatures games and board games). That doesn't count the Role-Playing
areas that are scattered around.

view of card game playing…some of the crew I hung out with all weekend.

guards at the doors checking to make sure you had a badge to enter the
Exhibit Hall were stormtroopers, complete with mic'd helmets and loudspeakers
to give them the right sound for it.

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