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Inspired by Justin’s ema

Inspired by Justin’s email to Senator Edwards, I just fired off one of my own in response to the news that Senator Orrin Hatch has introduced legislation to eliminated the “sunset” date of the Patriot Act.


Dear Senator Edwards,

It has come to my attention today that there is a measure within the congress to make the PATRIOT act a standing piece of legislature and remove the sunset date. This is appalling news, and I must say that as an opponent of the PATRIOT act from day one it concerns me greatly. In the post-9/11 US, it seems that individual liberties and freedoms are being eroded in the name of national security, when in fact it is those liberties and freedoms that make this country great.

As a librarian, I see myself as a defender of these freedoms of privacy and speech.

I oppose the so called “PATRIOT II”, I oppose the extension or elimination of the sunset date for PATRIOT, and I believe that it is time that the government stop reacting to world events with a campaign of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Thank you,

Jason Griffey

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